Lobby management for your credit union has never been easier.

Lobby6 allows for easy implementation in both single and multi-branch credit unions with tablet and desktop platforms. Features like: member self check-in, instant messaging and employee transfers, traffic analysis and reporting, all work seamlessly together to enhance your relationship management skills.

Lightweight. Lightning Fast.

A smart and refined lobby management software for your branches

Our Services

Member Kiosk for Self Check Ins

Allow member driven check ins with the kiosk companion included in your Lobby6 subscription. The kiosk companion is easy to setup for any credit union lobby that wants to speed up lobby intake times, keep members alert about wait times or direct appropriate services through any browser or mobile device located in your lobby.

Desktop Alerts

Desktop notifications for employees can be setup to alert your team members when wait times in the lobby are longer than the predetermined time set.

Branch Location & Time Zone Management

The Lobby6 platform allows unlimited locations with no change in cost for the credit union. Upon setup, each location is given their unique time zone. This feature allows members of your team to easily jump between locations without causing time/date reporting inaccuracies.

Secure ‘Network’, Servers & Data

The Lobby6 platform has a cloud based infrastructure that maintains a 99.9% uptime and offers the most advanced load balancers and server deployment available to date. This means that the real time needs of your credit union and members of your team are taken care of with the Lobby6 system and technology.

All data is encrypted. Lobby6 DOES NOT sell, data mine or use your credit union data for anything other than your specific credit union.

Employee Management & History

Reporting within the Lobby6 platform provides up to the minute statistics on your credit union, a specific location or member of your team all at the touch of a button. You have the power to see things like: wait times, reasons for a visit, products sold - the entire history of a member interaction is at your fingertips. This allows managers to make decisions on lobby traffic in the moment, without having to physically be at the branch.

Utilize preloaded reports for most (if not all) of the analytics you may need. Additionally, you can export custom date ranges to CSV, XLS or PDF for ease of manipulating the data from your lobby, credit union and members of your team.

The Lobby6 platform offers a 30 day, no risk, free trial. There are no setup costs or annual fees for Lobby6. The Lobby6 subscription cost is based on the number of users and offers credit unions the ability to get setup instantly.