Branch Management for your Credit Union has never been easier.

With features like self check-in kiosk, traffic analysis and reporting, and accessibility with both tablet and desktop platforms. Our app allows for easy implementation in both single and multi-branch Credit Unions.

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Real Time Check Ins

Lightweight. Lightning Fast.

A smart and refined lobby management software for your branches

Our Features

The CU-Apps platform has many things to take advantage of including:

Branch Location & Time Zone Managment

Have multiple locations in different time zones? That's not a problem for us! We allow unlimited locations and each one is assigned a spepcific time zone. This allows users to easily jump between locations without causing time/date reporting inaccuracies..

Employee Management & History

Get up to the minute statistics on your Credit Union, a specific location or a specific user all at the touch of a button. Export custom date ranges of reporting to CSV, XLS and PDF for ultimate data transportability, or use our internal reporting for most (if not all) of the analytics you might need.

Global Dashboard Across All Products

Whether your using one or many of our products, that platform is designed to use a single univeral sign in for each user. You can enable one or many products on a per user basis and have the ability to manage their access in real-time.

Secure network, Servers & Data

With out cloud based infrastucture we maintain a 99.9% uptime on all our products and offer the most advanced load balancers and server deployment available to date. All our data is encrypted in both transport and storage and we DO NOT sell, data mine or use your data for anything other than your Credit Union./p>

Daily Email Reporting

Don't want to use the web portal for reports? You don't have to! For functions such as lead generation or daily reporting we offer automated email reporting on a daily basis that contain usage metrics and leads for easy access.

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