We transform cocktail napkin ideas
into revenue generating mobile apps
for your credit union.

Does the pressure of creating a mobile strategy and mobile application outside of your mobile banking app keep your credit union up at night? We provide affordable, customizable, mobile technology solutions to credit unions.

Credit unions lack the purchasing power of for profit entities because there are few custom software development companies that care expressly to them, and fewer still that are registered CUSOs. As a CUSO developed by credit union thought leaders, CU-APPS will address the more nuanced FinTech needs of credit unions directly, utilizing an understanding of the clientele, market needs, and existing systems that pervade the industry to develop applications that enhance all aspects of the industry, for credit union members. The kind of insight the Company’s leaders can provide comes only from the decades of industry experience and will immediately set the Company apart from any other organizations offering custom app development specifically to credit unions.
CU-APPS will also design its software to integrate with other FinTech solutions used by credit unions, creating modular "widgets" that can add functionality to existing platforms, allowing the Company to collaborate, rather than compete, with many of the other CUSOs operating in the FinTech space.

App Consulting

Our CU-APPS team of mobile app experts will work with your credit union to uncover what makes an app truly essential and create a strategy to align your members' perception. We focus on enhancing or developing a mobile strategy, brainstorming an app idea, and ways to connect with existing and new members through the mobile app environment.

Mobile Design

CU-APPS creates custom designed mobile applications that are locally crafted to reach your existing and new members. We help design, program, and launch an app that will become a valuable marketing resource, steady stream of new channel leads, and engagement. Collaborate with our innovative team of app designers, developers, and credit union leaders that will help enhance your mobile channels.

Mobile App

CU-APPS creates custom designed mobile applications to go further into your credit union’s mobile goals. An app is more than a brochure or service provided by the credit union; it’s a mobile experience that has the potential to position your credit union brand as a leader in the industry.

At CU-APPS, we pride ourselves in crafting a mobile experience
that is intuitive, beautifully designed, mobile and updatable.

Let us create an app for that.